Our in-game nickname feature allows players to disguise their identity (name, rank, and character skin) while on our server. This system is available to MVP ++ or YOUTUBE ranks on our server.


Limitations Warnings

When using our nickname features, please do bear in mind that all of our regular rules apply. Nicknames are logged on our server and are unique to a single player at any given time. This means that both our reporting systems and staff team know who a player is regardless of a nickname being used.

MVP ++ players are limited to only randomly generated nicknames with a maximum of 3 nickname changes each day. You can use any single given nickname (as long as it is not disabled) for however long you wish however including keeping the same name over multiple days and sessions (disconnects and reconnects).

Setting a Nickname

If you are setting up a nickname for the first time or would like to change your nickname, the easiest way of doing this is through the nickname GUI which you can open using the command:

Doing this will open a book with a brief explanation of the nickname feature. To continue with setting up a nickname, simply click "I understand, set up my nickname".


Firstly, you will be given the choice of what rank you want to appear to have while using a nickname — from default to MVP+. For players who can use nicknames within lobbies, please note that choosing default will disable flight abilities.

Secondly, you can choose what character skin you wish to use when you are using your nickname. For this, you can choose either your own (normal) skin, the Minecraft default Steve/Alex skins, or a randomly assigned skin.


Finally, you can choose what nickname you wish to use. If this is your first time setting a nickname you will only have the option to use a new random name, however if you have used our nickname feature before then you will also have an option to reuse your previous nickname.


And that’s it! You’ve finished setting up your nickname. When in lobbies, you should now see a message at the bottom of your screen to remind you that you are using a nickname.


Removing a Nickname

It is only possible to make changes to your nickname while in lobbies. While in games, your nickname is set and cannot be changed.

In order to remove your nickname, when in a lobby, you can run the command:

After running this command, you should receive a confirmation that your nickname has been reset in the chat box and the message at the bottom of your screen telling you you are currently nicked should have disappeared.

If your nickname is shown within lobbies, this will have immediately disabled your nickname and reverted you to your actual name and character skin (this may have resulted in a reload). If your nickname is only shown within games, you will now not have a nickname enabled the next time you join a game unless you setup a new nickname before then.


There are a number of commands for our nicknames feature. These don’t introduce additional functionality to the nicknames feature which aren’t already available through the nicknames GUI, however for quick changes these may sometimes be quicker.