M62429 Digital Potentiometer – Volume Controller

      M62429 Digital Potentiometer Volume Controller
      M62429 Pinout
        M62429 Digital Potentiometer Volume Controller
        M62429 Pinout

      The M62429 is a dual-channel electronic volume controller that accepts data from a 2-wire serial data interface. It is mainly used as an alternate part of the standard volume control based on a mechanical potentiometer. The additional built-in reference circuit leads to a simple and inexpensive low-cost application where fewer external components are required.

      M62429 Pinout Configuration

      Pin Number

      Pin Name


      Channel 1 input pin.

      Channel 1 output pin.

      Control data input pin.

      Clock input for serial data transfer

      Power supply positive pin.

      Channel 1 output pin.

      Channel 1 input pin.

      The M62429 IC pinout is shown in the below image-

      M62429 Pin Description

      Features and Specification of M62429

      • 4.5V to 5.5V supply voltage
      • 8mA (Typ) supply current with a maximum current of 16mA
      • Built-in reference circuit.
      • Controlled by serial data.
      • Volume can be controlled from 0 to -83dB with 1dB per step resolution, -∞
      • Independent control is allowed in each channel.
      • Low noise and low distortion
      1. VNO = 5uVrms (ATT = -∞ , JIS -A)
      2. THD = 0.01 % Typ. (V0 = 0.5 Vrms, DIN-AUDIO)

      Note: Complete technical details can be found in the M62429 Datasheet, linked at the bottom of this page.

      Alternative Product of M62429

      The other equivalent for M62429 is listed below.

      M62429 Volume Controller Overview

      M62429 is a stereo based digital volume control that can be used with any microcontroller unit. It communicates with the host controller via 2-wire serial bus line. The major advantage of this controller is the easy integration in the digital system where audio-related analog control is required. However, this controller supports voltage from 4.5V to 5.5V where 5V is the nominal rated working voltage.

      It requires very minimalistic component counts while integrating into a system, just two electrolytic capacitors. As it is an audio-related product, THD or Total Harmonic Distortion is required to be less. It offers 0.01%THD in 0.5Vrms.

      M62429 is equipped with an internal reference circuit thus additional voltage reference or biasing circuits are not required.

      H ow to Use the M62429

      The below image shows the standard application circuit for M62429 Digital Potentiometer . It requires minimum basic components.

      Application Circuit for M62429

      Applications of M62429

      • CD/DVD/MP3 player
      • Remote control based audio equipment
      • Digital Audio systems

      2D Model of M62429

      The dimensions of M62429 is given below to help you with selecting the PCB footprint for M62429.

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