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Danny Laplante Story of the Townsend Murderer

Danny Laplante, a famous name in the world of crime was just 17-year-old when he committed a heinous crime. He executed three murders in one go in which he brutally killed a pregnant woman as well as her two kids. Not only this, Laplante brought many misfortunes to the lives of many other people. But a common question comes in the minds of people,”how can a juvenile commit such an evil act?” Well, there is a series of unfortunate events associated with Daniel Laplante’s childhood which led him to do such a horrible crime. In this post, we will throw light on the story of Townsend murder and Daniel Laplante’s demand for re-sentencing on his punishment.

Dark Childhood of Daniel Laplante

Danny Laplante had gone through a very bad phase during his childhood days. He faced physical, emotional and sexual torture by his father. It is such a difficult thing to even imagine and could leave anyone in a state of despair. At the time, when a child needs love and care, Daniel was introduced to horrible things in his life. Due to the poor phase during his childhood, he had a bad time in his young life too. Even during his school life, Danny went through a series of challenges in terms of academically as well as socially. He suffered from dyslexia and received ignorance from his classmates. No one liked to form a bond of friendship during the school time with him because of his poor hygiene and weird look.

Danny Laplante developed personality disorder which led to his hyperactive behaviour and he was referred to a psychiatrist by the school officials. Instead of improving his situation, this period of time turned out to be the poorest phase of his life. The psychiatrist harrassed him sexually and abused him in a pathetic manner during his sessions. This left a long lasting effect on his mental state and his perception took an eerie turn. After this, Daniel got converted into a small-time thief and loved to steal belongings of people in Townsend. As the time progresses, his desire to do new evil things increases and he started torturing people on an advanced level.

Danny Laplante’s Murders

After excelling in his burglary skills, Danny Laplante jumped into murdering people. But before entering this department, he developed an obsession to torture people. He used to enter people’s house and play mind games with them. After this, the evilest part of his character came out. Daniel Laplante entered a house in the neighborhood of his residence. He was merely a 17-year-child at that time and executed a heinous crime known as Townhead murder.

Danny Laplante murdered a pregnant woman and her two little kids. Priscilla Gustafson, a 33-year-old pregnant woman was living with his husband, Andrew and had two kids namely Abigail and William. Her husband, Andrew Gustafson was at work and Danny took an advantage of that time. Daniel Laplante raped the woman and killed her with point-blank bullets in her head and drowned the two children in the bathtubs. When Andrew Gustafson came to his home after the work, he called the police after seeing the dead body of his wife and stains of blood everywhere. Police came at the spot and found two kids drowned in the bathtubs.

After seeing the scene, one could easily find that Danny Laplante had likely killed the woman first and then drowned her two kids in the bathtubs. At that time, Daniel Laplante became so dangerous for the society that there was news for his detection everywhere. He was detected by someone and caught with the help of a police. Abigail Gustafson’s hair was found on his sock which led to his arrest. He was sentenced to three life terms for Townhead murder by Middlesex Superior court.

Re-sentencing Attempt by Daniel Laplante

Since his time of imprisonment in the case of Townhead murder, Danny didn’t show any sign of regret in his behaviour. Instead, he put a lot of blames on the court for violating his religious rights. Also, in the year 2017, he applied for re-sentencing and asked for a parole since he was a juvenile at the time of committing a crime. Danny Laplante continued to show his irreparable behaviour and tried to manipulate the Middlesex Superior court with his actions. However, the judge at the court ruled out his petition and increased his imprisonment. And the monster is still behind the prison for doing unbearable crime in his life.

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