Coming soon, changes to our Licensing Insurance (LI) system reinstatement options will not allow users to reinstate their motor carrier authority on-line if the USDOT Number is in an "Inactive" status. Additionally, e-mailed, mailed and faxed motor carrier authority reinstatement applications to our Contact Center will only be processed when the USDOT Number is “Active”.

Keeping your USDOT Number Active is easy and free! If you’re USDOT Number is Active and you need to make updates, you can do so on-line. If your USDOT Number is already Inactive, you won’t have on-line access to make updates, so just send us an updated Motor Carrier Identification Report (Form MCS-150) via e-mail or fax for quickest processing.

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Reminder: The U.S. Government does not endorse private businesses or vendors, and FMCSA does not require the use of a service provider. The FMCSA will not contact customers by telemarketers, use "robo-call" automated solicitations, request a credit card number and/or charge a fee for our downloadable forms.

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Unified Registration System for New Applicants

The FMCSA monitors and ensures compliance with regulations governing both safety (all carriers) and commerce (for-hire carriers). Companies may find they are subject to both registration requirements (USDOT Number and MC Number) or either one separately. To determine if you need to apply for a US DOT number, click here.

FMCSA has launched a phased rollout of the Unified Registration System (URS). All new registration applicants must use the new URS Application.

URS combines various forms that carriers, freight forwarders and brokers currently use to register and update their information with the Agency into a single, online registration application.

Only the initial registration by new applicants will be done using the URS online registration application.

For more general information on URS, click here.

Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 11 or above, or Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers work best with the URS tool. Internet Explorer 10 can be used in compatibility mode. Failure to use one of these browsers could result in the inability to successfully complete applications for registration.

Already Registered with FMCSA?

Existing registrants (entities that have a US DOT number and/or operating authority) can update their information using all of the existing processes – online and paper forms – until a later date. On January 17, 2017, FMCSA published a Federal Register notice with more details on the suspension of the URS effectiveness date. Check this site often for updates for existing users.

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Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Information

UCR stands for "Unified Carrier Registration," which is not an FMCSA program. It refers to an agreement among the states set up by Congress governing the collection and distribution of registration information and UCR fees paid to states by motor carriers, private motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies pursuant to 49 U.S.C. Section 14504a. The fees collected support state motor carrier safety activities. For more information, click here.

Training Opportunities

To access self-paced online training for the new URS system, click here.

URS Technical Documentation

If you electronically exchange information with FMCSA, please click the button below.