How you can Reset the BIOS inside a Lenovo T61


Как сбросить пароль биоса Bios (a) Lenovo ThinkPad T420. Детальная инструкция. Reset password.

Как сбросить пароль биоса Bios (a) Lenovo ThinkPad T420. Детальная инструкция. Reset password.

Сброс пароля биоса Bios (a) Lenovo ThinkPad T420. Детальная инструкция..
1. Разберем ноут нужен доступ к плате..
2. ВАЖНО! Заземление от юсб/ВГА на отвертку..
3. Замкнуть 2 контакта (фото в видео) при появлении лого Леново и зайти в биос. Получиться не с 1 раза..
4. Изменить пароль на СВОЙ. ВАЖНО. Сразу удалить не получиться. Сохранить изменение..
5. После всех шагов спокойно зайти в биос по своему паролю и тогда Отключаете пароль..

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How to unlock BIOS Supervisor Password from Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop (no damage to laptop)

How to unlock BIOS Supervisor Password from Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop (no damage to laptop)

I demonstrate how to remove/clear BIOS supervisor password from lenovo thinkpad laptops. I have tested this method repeatedly to clear supervisor password of my personal thinkpad W520 and W510. I have been using these laptop since, with absolutely no problem..
Theoretically, this method should work most of the Lenovo laptops. All you need to do is to find the location of EEPROM chip on your laptop (You can google it!).

Video taken from the channel: Arpan Dubey

Lenovo Thinkpad Power On password Lock Fix

Lenovo Thinkpad Power On password Lock Fix

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I can’t guarantee that this will work with every laptop. I only used this method with a Lenovo x220..
I can’t answer your tech support questions below, but someone might be able to help. Ask a question, hope for the best..
In this video, we remove the BIOS lock of a Lenovo x220 laptop by removing the CMOS battery for 15 minutes..
We also fix the non-working touchpad on the Lenovo x200 Thinkpad laptop.
This fix might not work for everyone..

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Unlocking the ThinkPad T61 with Middleton’s BIOS

Unlocking the ThinkPad T61 with Middleton's BIOS

EDIT: Turns out the Middleton’s BIOS is not needed to use 8 GB of RAM. Whoops!
Hello everyone! Today we’re back with another ThinkPad video, this time I’m using the Middleton’s BIOS to unlock my FrankenPad T601 and upgrade it to be much more powerful! Middleton’s BIOS is a special patched BIOS that unlocks some additional features in older ThinkPads, and in this video you can see how to install it on your ThinkPad! This works on the following models:
X61/X61s/X61 Tablet.
Here’s some useful links to help you on your way:
Middleton’s BIOS:
T61 maintenance manual:
14.1″ standard:
14.1″ widescreen:
15.4″ widescreen:
As always I hope you guys enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!

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УДАЛЕНИЕ пароля супервизора на ноутбуках ThinkPad Lenovo | REMOVING supervisor password on laptops

УДАЛЕНИЕ пароля супервизора на ноутбуках ThinkPad Lenovo | REMOVING supervisor password on laptops

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Thinkpad T61 Power on password reset

Thinkpad T61 Power on password reset

Click here for eeprom location.
Click here for Password.exe Download:
#Laptop_repair_videos #harshad_patel #ibmpass #T61_power_on_password #thinkpad_t61_password_reset

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How to Remove and Reset the Power-On Password for a Thinkpad (Lenovo, IBM, T61, T400 etc)

How to Remove and Reset the Power-On Password for a Thinkpad (Lenovo, IBM, T61, T400 etc)

Tools in this video:
Many people have asked for how to get past a Windows Password, please check out my channel for a video on how to do that!
This will not remove a supervisor password. If you need to remove a supervisor password, you will need one of these
But for this video, I will show how to remove a power on password:
Turn off laptop, remove battery..
Remove palmrest, and remove keyboard (leave keyboard plugged in)..
Remove CMOS battery, and boot up the laptop without CMOS battery..
Your Power-on password is now removed, put it all back together and enjoy!
***This will not remove a supervisor password. This will not remove a Windows password. This WILL remove a Thinkpad Power-On password. ***.
Here is where you can get a new CMOS if yours is not holding a charge anymore.
Ways to unlock a SUPERVISOR password:
Custom made board
Instructions for doing it on the cheap.
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The only way to remove a BIOS password is to know it and use it where prompted. There is no “reset”. If you don’t know the supervisor/admin password, or can’t get it from someone who might’ve set it, the only option is to replace the system board.

Also, if you don’t know the correct hard drive password, then the drive is unusable. Shut down windows, and make sure the laptop is fully switched off. Do not suspend or hibernate Windows, you must go to the start menu and choose “shutdown”. Press the power button and then press the F1 key once every two seconds until the BIOS welcome screen is shown (fig 1).

Critical System BIOS Updates for ThinkPad Reserve Edition, R61, R61e, R61i, T61, T61p, X300, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet, Lenovo 3000 N200, V200, Y310, Y410 and IdeaPad. Lenovo ThinkPad T61 boot menu. How to Enter BIOS Change Boot order and secure boot Lenovo Thinkpad E560 Duration: 3:32. SuperSimple Howto Tutorial in Technology 310,104 views. As above really, what the key that need pressing on startup to enter the T61 bios, tried the usual keys with no luck It should say on the screen when you first power up the system.

It’s usually. About Lenovo + About Lenovo. Our Company News Investor Relations Sustainability Product Compliance Product Security Legal Information Jobs at Lenovo Shop +. Hard Reset Your Lenovo ThinkPad With Recovery Mode.

Be sure that your device has at least %50 charge life. Power off your device and wait a few seconds. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together until recovery mode screen appears. (These button combinations can change on different. The BIOS Update CD can boot the computer disregarding the operating systems and update the BIOS (including system programs and Embedded Controller program) stored in the ThinkPad computers to fix problems, add new functions, or expand functions. Fixes:

How to remove the BIOS password on a Lenovo ThinkPad T430 laptop Duration: Reset Remove Lenovo Thinkpad Bios password R500 Duration: 3:40. Apna Patente 134,277 views. When the PC is completely turned off, press the Novo Button on your Laptop. Novo button is a small circular button usually near the power button or on the left side of the laptop.

The system will power on to display the Novo Button Menu. Use your arrow keys to select System Recovery and press Enter. For the t61 lenovo I renamed the $01af000.fl1 to bios.rom and I renamed the $01af000.fl2 to platform.bin. Then use the winphlash tool that is apart of the bios update download from lenovo (it is in the folder you download).

Use software to Reset an IBM ThinkPad’s Power On Password Boot the IBM ThinkPad, and KeyMaker will recover the BIOS password. Use hardware to Reset an IBM ThinkPad Power On Password If you cannot boot the ThinkPad and only the power-on password is set, do the following: • Power off the computer.

List of related literature:

If your laptop gets so thoroughly hung that it no longer responds to the power button, even when you hold the powerbutton down for four or five seconds, you may need to disconnect the laptop from the AC wall socket and remove the battery in order to reset it.

Another common way to clear the BIOS configuration is to remove the onboard system battery.

Removing the battery for a period of several hours is usually sufficient to cause the BIOS to reset to its default settings.

To reset the CMOS, open the laptop and locate the CMOS battery and disconnect or remove it completely.

Most systems let you reset the BIOS boot password by removing the motherboard battery for a short time.

Examiners initially should remove cables and find the sequence of keys used to enter the BIOS.

Within 5 to 10 seconds after power is applied to the eBox-4300, press the Del key on the keyboard multiple times to enter the BIOS settings menu.

By removing and reinstalling the battery, it is often possible to wipe BIOS settings and get prompted for new values at boot.

Some types of BIOS can be reset manually by using menu options available in the BIOS configuration utility.

Reset Determination The BIOS reads bits in the keyboard controller to see if hard or soft reset is required (soft will not test mem above 64K).

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Would your procedure work on a Lenovo Thinkpad R40 (C.2004) with Windows XP? This is my laptop with no other users, so imagine my surprise when one day, I start it and get the BIOS Lock symbol and request for a password, which I do not recall ever setting. Also, grounding? Do you mean using a wristband grounding wire?

I was resetting the COMS because it had a password attached to it, now when I boot it up I just get a message saying “real time date and time is wrong” and only gives me the option to go into the bios thinking I can change the time but I can’t because of the password, I can get into the bios I just can’t change anything -_-

Is there a way to reset a login password? I forgot mine and there’s no way for me to login into my Microsoft account cause I no longer have the email and same phone number. Could anyone help me with this problem. Thank you

Unlock/Remove Bios Password, Computrace Laptop Ibm ThinkPad
3th Generation: T430, T430s, W530, x1 carbon…..
4th Generation: T440, T440s, T440p, T450, T540, W540, W541,, X240, X1 carbon gen 2…..
5th Generation: W550s,X250, X1 carbon gen 3, Helix, Thinkpad Yoga 12 and Yoga 15…..
6th Generation: P40, P50, P50s and P70,X1 Yoga, X260, T460 and T560, X1 carbon gen 4…..
7th Generation: T470, T470s,T570, X1 Carbon, X1 carbon gen 5……
8th Generation: T480s, T480, X1 carbon gen 6 updating…..
9th Generation: updating…..
-The newest models……
Unlock/Remove Computrace and Bios Password ThinkPad ibm
My Skype: Haisung4344

Unlock/Remove Bios Password, Computrace Laptop ibm ThinkPad
3rd Generation: T430, T430s, W530, x1 carbon gen 1, L430…..
4th Generation: T440, T440s, T440p, T450, T540, W540, W541,, X240, X1 carbon gen 2, L440……
5th Generation: W550s,X250, X1 carbon gen3, Helix, Thinkpad Yoga 12 and Yoga 15, L450…..
6th Generation: P40, P50, P50s and P70,X1 Yoga, X260, T460 and T560, X1 carbon gen4, L460…..
7th Generation: T470, T470s,T570, X1 Carbon gen 5, L470……The newest models
8th Generation: T480, T480s, updating…..
9th Generation: updating…..

🙂 Unlock/Remove Bios Password, Computrace Laptop ibm ThinkPad:)
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I very much appreciate you on this tutorials, but please can you help me out with ‘Hasse Avante’ laptop?
i want to discharge and connect the cmos battery like you just did.

This is just the first step. Next step is to locate your EEPROM (which is different for each Lenovo model), then short circuit the 5th and 6th arm on the chip when you see the Lenovo bios boot screen. That should sneak you pass the administration password so you can set a new one. I’ve successfully did this on the x201and x220 and a few older models. The only model I’ve had trouble with is the x100e.

This video is a very slow instruction on how to take off the keyboard and put it back on. Does not solve the password issue.

Does not work on a T61 with hard drive password set (known) AND admin bios password (unknown). Removing the batter will result into bios reverting to default settings but the admin password is not removed/blanked. Any other ideas anyone?

Pls help me for lenovo X201 somebody remove it foe the first time and now again. Pls here my contact whatsapp +2348184803637 email [email protected]

great video. where’s the cmos battery on a thinkpad R51? I popped the keyboard but it wasn’t there. unlike the laptop in your video my laptop doesn’t have a detachable palmrest. Please help thanks in advance!

il existe un cavalier a déplacer pour faire un clear cmos pwd inutile de tous démonter comme vous l’avez fait
il suffit juste a coté de la pile de chercher clr cmos ou CMOS PWD (selon le modèle LENOVO)(avant débrancher alim batterie et pile) de rebrancher laisser appuyer sur le bouton de démarrage 5 secondes, de re-éteindre le pc de remettre pile et cavalier en place (pin sur 1 et 2 “a l’origine” a mettre sur 3 et 4 pour clear le cmos) Votre technique et complètement inutile et inaccessible a la plupart des utilisateur et de plus, vous coupez la vidéo en oubliant bien de préciser que si vous n’avez pas déchargé l’électricité statique de votre corps ceci peut endommager gravement l’ordinateur.
sur ceux je recommande d’être très prudent a ceux qui voudrait s’aventurer a faire ce genre d’expériences!

как отключить вход с паролем в моноблоке Lenovo. System Security: Power-On Password Required Enter System Power-On Password and Press не могу убрать, подскажите пожалуйста?!

pleas help i have the t23 one it shows me the sopervizion passcode
i did whats you do and still the same

Thanks for the video. It was super helpful =). I would also suggest to improve the video quality for future videos and you should be all set 😉

I got here trying to flash a T60p’s whitelist from my 64-bit operating systemand now I’m glad I kept a T61 around despite its very apparently lower quality screen! 3GB really is getting to be too small to work comfortably in a web browser…

One day I’ll get lucky and find one of lcdfans’ T70 boards out in the wild. Imagine your T60 with an i7-7820HQ!

Hi. i have tried this method on thinkpad R60e but nothing changed. but when i have taken out the back up power supply and attach the power lead. and turn the machine on it gives me this message

0271 check date and time settings
error: system cmos checksum bad default configuration used

then it will go back to asking me for the password with the same icons a padlock and a TV type object to the left of it

What do you mean? Like, the hinges won’t open? Or do you mean it won’t turn on? If it doesn’t turn on and you have nothing on the screen, then this will not fix it. If you have a password prompt that you can’t get past, this might fix it.

Hi. There are two hardware/software supervisor password removal (one $29, the other DIY cheaper) methods but would this work: desolder the chip branded Atmelt (printed as an 8 pin DIL and is labelled 24RF08 sometimes they say) or cut it from the board? Could this chip be also erased/rest by a powerful magnet thin magnet (maybe pile up a lot of buttons magnets that’s the size of the chip) while protecting the other chips with some kind of cover). Thank you in advance. God bless. Rev. 21:4

please help i have lenovo t440 i forget my password bios i try to deconnect pile without result also i try to find jumper clear cmos without resul what i do please think you

Hey Sebi, great video, but I need some help. My R61 is a Type 7737, and somehow has a firewire port in its front, even though the lists at 2:15 and have the 7737 listed under “R61 (14.1″ widescreen without IEEE 1394): 7732, 7733, 7734, 7735, 7736, 7737, 7738”. Which BIOS should I flash? The one for the models with firewire or the one for the 7737? Interestingly some of the models like the 7732, 7733, 7734, 7735 are listed as both with IEEE1394 and without IEEE1394.

IBM ThinkPad EEPROM Chip

TThe notebook computer BIOS password is not like the desktop model password, this is easy to explain! The desktop model machine’s computer BIOS password stores it in the motherboard CMOS electric circuit. This electric circuit must depend on the motherboard CMOS battery to maintain its data. Therefore, the majority of desktop model’s BIOS passwords are stored as long as the motherboard CMOS battery doesn’t go dead, or vanish into thin air. However, with the notebook computer, if the CMOS battery is removed, the BIOS password will not disappear at all. The BIOS password is stored in the EEPROM and the CMOS battery will not affect the password.

In the notebook computer, the design has a special EEPROM password memory chip. Take the IBM notebook computer as an example, the commonly used memory chip includes: 24C01A, 24C02, 24C03, 24RF08BT, 24RF08CT, 24RF08CM and so on. In different kinds of notebook computers, the EEPROM chip and other kinds of commonly used 93C46. The EEPROM chip belongs to the serial chip. The chip data certainly does not need to draw support from the outside battery to be able to be maintained. In the chip data, which writes data can maintain it for 10 years under the normal temperature. The 24C series chip generally used in IBM ThinkPad 600E machine and the 380, 390, 600 and other models. The 24RF series chip, uses the improvement data transmission and the preserved way. Keeping secret the performance to be stronger generally is used in the 600E later machine, like 600E, A, T and R series. Like the charts below, the IBM TP600 on the notebook computer motherboard EEPROM password memory chip is located on the motherboard nearby the PCI main line control chip. The chip model is AT24C01A. When the user password is established and the preservation of the BIOS is established, the system carries on the operation and compression processing. Then the user inputs the password and processes the password data preservation in the EEPROM password memory chip. It has been clear about the EEPROM chip mode, which the BIOS password saves on the chip and can be located on the motherboard. If you have really forgotten the password, there is a possibility to let “the machine discards” this event occurrence, because each notebook merchant has already inform users not to forget their password. This situation carries on to the maintenance manual, if you are really persist on repairing the notebook then one should prepared himself to take out money to replaces the new motherboard.

I never own a Thinkpad, but as i can see these models still rocking today and still recive a lot of love from community. Thanks for the video, i was kinda entertain about. Just a tip: if you plan to use chrome use it with h264ify extension, is useful since force h264 instead VP9 and also you can force 30fps. I wonder if someone made a bios mod for my Pavilion dv6-1270el, im fine with core 2 duo T9600 but i wonder if some try to put a Core 2 Quad into it, however the Q series on socket P are rare to find at good price.

Yoikes.. Burning your bios at maximum speed without verification.. You like to live life dangerously

I removed the battery and the other battery from my yoa 260 for the weekend and still with password problem.

I have a master password the most strong of all passwords!. only a master and magician of ibm could resolve this.. i have to read or flash the EPROM memory.. IBM t40

find the 24s08 in motherboard and replace or erase. you can find downside of motherboard see center.

Did everything in the video, sadly didn’t work, I know its a power on password due to the icon shown, being a small box.

I have a lock with a computer screen to the left, but i don’t see the bios chip on my board. How i locate him to try to shortcircuit the chip? Have an T61.

I removed the battery, CMOS battery, but it still makes no sense… Power on is not removed:(( help me. My laptop is R61i.

You can’t just short it (would not be very secure if you could). However, you can read it. Check out the last links in the video description for more info. Keep in mind, T60 motherboards are pretty cheap on ebay now, so your time might be better saved just grabbing one of those.

Ох и грамотеи вижу тут пишут, батарейка не поможет. Этот способ помог частично обойти проблему и нормально пользоваться модель t61 14 дюймов. Большое спасибо автору!

Great video! There is a way to reset the supervisor password without changing the board (FYI) very easy to do!:)

Well, what is done here is a reset of the “PowerOn” pw option, which is set in BIOS. My comment to this article is, that you don´t have to wait 15 mins, after disconnecting the CMOS backup battery. Disconnect the CMOS-battery and short the 2 pins on the MOBO connector with a piece ( pincet etc.) of metal for 2-3 secs, and that does the trick. REMEMBER TO DISCONNECT MAIN BATTERY AND PSU BEFORE SHORTENING THE PINS.
I have done this on a large variety og Lenovo Laptops and the solutions has worked every time.
PLS. note, that if youre dealing with a forgotten “HD PW” code, this solution can NOT help you it´s only ment to reset the “PowerOn” feature…

Wait a T61 cant do 8gb of ram or X9000 or Sata2 with the latest official bios? Damn I never knew that! I have a Dell D630 and D830 and both can do that with A17 bios, but dont think quad core mods exist for those machines

why on earth would they do that? who gives em right to restrict bios options from users? normally u can reset bios by draining the system without battery, i imagine that chip is pasword protected by default?

so you can enter the BIOS should short circuit pin 1 and 2 of the chip eeprom on the board, and that to give disable the password must also two pins short-circuit,contat me on yahoo,[email protected]

Hi, I have a Lenovo L530, and i cant find the security chip, everyone says how easy it is, but nobody has a L530 and nobody puts the chip number, just a bit annoying, but thanks.

Удалось войти в BIOS своего Lenovo R61 только что этим способом.
Йоу! Даже получилось скинуть пароль supervisor! Дополнительно нужно коротить контакты, находясь в BIOSe ->Security->Password.. Перед входом в пункт Supervisor Password, даже если там написано, что он “Enable” и сразу после входа разомкнуть ноги на микросхеме и сбросить пароль (два раза Enter). Еще батарейку CMOS отключал.
Теперь счастье. Спасибо

So just a few things, the best upgrade you can have is OC a T8100 to 2.8Ghz. just need to change the Wifi adapter (search 51nb) and flash the SPD
While the craziest remains the QX9300 upgrade, which isn’t stable after all. Or the T9900/ P8800/ P9700 on X61, which is one of the best old thinkpads you can dream of.

However it’s the NVS140m/FX570m that’s really crippling those machines. with 128MB vRAM it’s just pathetic. X3100 is slightly better at 512MB max.

I’ve just had the same issue on a R61 this method didn’t work

HOWEVER shorting the EEPROM as it booted worked and all fine:)

I have a Lenovo x230, I did what you said. And my Power on Password is still Showing and Active. My CMOS Battery has been disconected for 3 days. And still a POP. Any Idears my friend.

Then you probably have a supervisor password, not a power-on password. This means you will need an EEPROM reader or a new motherboard.

Hi After several tries of this method. My T450S completely died. Now the fan rotate about 2 second after boot then stop and no display on screen. What can I do?? Please help!

I was wondering if there were any updated firmware that adds extra functionality and any upgrades that can be done to the old Lenovo x201?

Install Arch Linux with OpenBox and this thing will blaze. Screw Windows. You’ve already upgraded the BIOS. Time to head over to Linux!

Hi. HELP! anyone know if i can do something with a ibm t40 i have master password i have to erase that passwrd and acces the bios the notebook start but appears that lock.

I just that issue right now…i know the first password but it asking for another 1..i dont know what to do

Masya Allah,,
you are a great person. Today my ThinkPad Edge 11 laptop is back on, and I’m looking for a way to access locked bios. thank you very much sir, success for you

Merci pour la solution, elle fonctionne parfaitement sur mon Lenovo w520. ����
Par contre avant de redémarrer j’ai rechangé le mot de passe, par un mot de passe écrit… Sinon ça ne fonctionnait pas. ����‍♂️
Merci encore! ��

Thanks for this. It worked for me after I went the “reinstall 32 bit Windows 7” route just to use the BIOS flash software. I’m looking forward to faster data transfer over SATA II. Good to know it can take up to 8GB RAM but that would require a pair of 4GB DDR2 sticks, and those, being scarce, are too expensive to play around with.

Having 2 extra threads really makes a difference, I recommend the Core 2 Quad. The x9000 has slightly better dual core performance than my 2c/4t i3, but the i3 destroys it in quad core performance.

I have a T460 Lenovo, help me with the steps to access the bios and remove the password permanently. Kindly please help… thanks in advance

That has never happened to me. However, keep in mind that removing the CMOS won’t do anything to a supervisor password, only a power on password. So if a system has a power on password and a supervisor password, you still wont be able to get into a system by removing the cmos.

The instructions in this video will only remove the “Power-On Password”.
If you need to remove a “Supervisor Password” refer to this video:
I’ve tested that instructions for both (Power-On Supervisor Passwords) work fine on a Lenovo X220 Tablet/Laptop successfully.

Worked perfectly for me on a Lenovo T520.
I didn’t use the internal Lenovo keyboard. I used an external USB keyboard!!

Those integrated GPUs…i have HP 8730W with T9600 2,8GHz CPU, 4GB RAM and Quadro FX2700 and it boots faster without SSD, it plays FHD Youtube without any troubles, it even handles 4K (not really usable tho and HDD is limit).

Works waaaayy better with linux. Just saying. I know you seem to prefer windows but linux is really way better for older systems.

Hello Sir,
Please help me, i want to BIOS password for Lenovo W510



Raj Jalkotkar From India Maharashtra
WhatsApp Or call

Please how can do same on my Lenovo think pad edge E420. I tried it with this method and it didn’t work. Please kindly help me out plsss

I have my ThinkPad 600e locked. It has a 14pin 24RF08 EPPROM, by the way you demonstrated is the shot was made by connect PROT and GND pin?

Gonna give a try with my 600e soon…

The unknown supervisor password doesn’t require another motherboard. Why not short a chip or 3 as experimental education and read up on old electronics. It takes a week or more to get a Thinkpad/motherboard flown over anyway.

I have a yoga 260 and everytime I press ENTER it adds like a password and after 3 X’s it shuts down…HELP!

Where did you get 8GB of that kind of RAM in a pair of two?! I’ve looked all over and I can’t find any of that size. It’s DDR2, right?

EDIT: Found some, but why the hell is it so expensive?!

Being a huge fan of thinkpads overall and having just bought a brand new X1 Yoga, got me wondering about your thoughts on newer thinkpads. While I love the older thinkpads, I need the performance and reliability of newer models and actually prefer the new smile keyboards compared with the older models. Plus I get a fingerprint reader, a touch screen, on device encryption and other modern features. I know I’m in the minority among Thinkpad enthusiasts on the keyboard.
Getting to my actual question, what are you general feelings about modern thinkpads? and are there any specific reasons why you don’t seem to own one or is it just that the old ones work for what you need and don’t cost as much?

I have a think pad yoga.I found 2 similar bond..which one is the bios chip. Dont want to fry it

Core 2 processors aren’t meant to play 1080p60 videos. It’s a 2007 laptop after all. Newer instructions are more important than Gigahertz, aren’t they?

I’ve got an unmodded untouched T61 I’ve been itching to do more than running the factory XP image on so I can ooh and ahh at the ridiculous old IBM themed wallpapers and screensavers. That was not an easy image to restore… 7 CDs… SEVEN!

“A bloated operating system like Windows 10”
Lol man, just use 7 or 8.1 and you won’t have anymore all these issues, everything would run even better and faster than on 10

I like how you like your Thinkpad enough to take it for walks.
I had this machine for a while using it because of the RS-232 port needed to program radio control on locomotives. I felt badly about using it for this dirty, rough job as I bought it on Ebay for like 40 dollars and it came to me in a leather case, with all the options and so clean and smelled of leather, actually what one would call pristine condition. And it came with a spares non working one also. It was an amazing, rugged machine.

hey bro, do you know how to reset bios password on a hp elitebook 8470p, i received this laptop several month ago from a friend but i can’t enter in the bios cause the friend forgot the password long time ago. what to do now?

Sad that I’m at the bottom, but if you are bootable with a POP and have a SUP, removing the POP will revert the BIOS POP to the SUP, and YOU-ARE-FUCKED.
Do not remove the POP from a LENOVO-IBM ever!
Unless you are an expert, and have the cash and time to order the gizmo from AUZy.
I am now an expert, after figuring out the above.
Bootable POP, use her for a surfer, SUP, and you remove the POP…
Paper weight,

I have a lenovo T530 laptop,looks like yours.asking for supervisor password to install bios updates,I don’t know it.Think it will work on mine?

The best upgrade you can do is software. I wiped the hard drive on my ThinkPad and installed Linux and it was incredible how much snappier it ran. If you must run some windows applications then you can always dual boot.

ImgBurn is a free disc burning and imaging program. Just look for the adware free installer from mirrors.

hello i have lenovo t61 and my problem was the supervisor password and i cannot remove it.
i used the CMOSPWD program and i restarted my laptop and come the shocking surprise. my laptop asked me for the password and he don’t accept my password i can not log in to windows.
I removed the CMOS battery and waited for one day that my something happens but unfortunately nothing happened

I have a question for you if you could help me. All videos I have watched doesn’t show me the one key factory reset for my Lenovo ThinkPad edge E530. I am experiencing major issues and need to factory reset it. Can you help me

mi lenovo ideapad 330s me pide contraseña en la bios. como podria saber la contraseña o restablecerlo.

How long did you leave the batteries out of the computer? It is possible that you also have a supervisor password

hello sir i have Laptop ThinkPad x260 it’s locked by BIOS Password i think i have to forgot totaly
and i diseble my laptop but i don’t know what ic has to do short for the BIOS reset password please help me to know BIOS pin short ic Reply tome hurry

This video is a waste of time. Clearing the BIOS passwords on Lenovo is a f**** nightmare. If I had you in front of me I would beat you over the head with that laptop for making false claims.

а та штука называется PCA24S08 ето епром память, давайте будем на землю садить) может дежурку спалим статикой ))

Removing the cmos battery does not work on machines which store password in rom,
may even make thigs worse (also lock internal drive with SVP if they support it)

Either read outdecipher pwd or overwrite rom with known pwd/clean data

Hi, how to identify and how to conect with a rt809h programer? i need to remove the password on yoga 370, need help, any schematic or tutorial.

Really should had just ran a userbench before and after… it’d show, in extreme detail, the difference in every bit of hardware. The beauty of UB is that it always compares your hardware to that exact hardware… and shows you where you stand compared to the rest of the planet. I am currently in the top.6% with my ram kit, lol… And mostly top 1-5% with SSD, Raid arrays, CPU, GPU… etc. But it also shows you the actual data rates, rendering performance, etc… You get all of it, and it’s free… plus it gives the results in a pretty great format.

I really dont get why Lenovo is not capable of producing a classic screen resolution Thinkpad in 14″ form factor. It would be awesome for work, I dont use my Thinkpad for watching movies.

Did you have any issues with the audio or bluetooth working in Windows 10? I figured I’d try Windows 10 on my T61 a few weeks ago and it worked okay except I couldn’t get the sound to stay consistently and the bluetooth drivers wouldn’t install saying they’re incompatible with this version of Windows. Also the WiFi card (4965AGN) doesn’t work when you resume the computer from sleep, although this is a well documented issue online so I was not surprised.

One more thing also, you do not need the Middleton BIOS to take advantage of 8GB RAM. The T61 will accept 8GB of RAM with any BIOS, Middleton or not. Having said that though, the Middleton BIOS is still very useful, I have it to take advantage of SATA II speeds for my SSD. Here’s some good information on the Middleton BIOS and the T61 in general: Glad you are enjoying yours, mine is still going strong 12-years later.

Great video. My BIOS is 2.30. I installed a 32-bit version of vista and tried to run the.exe, but that always caused winphlash to crash. So I created a bootable CD, but it always hung at the installing phase. Fortunately I did not brick it.

Worked on W530 I got on ebay with BIOS locked, it was a lot of work and some sparks, but worked great in the end, thank you!!

i was able to unlock x61s. it took 3 attempts. during the last one i shorted the pins before powering up the laptop and tapped on F1 multiple times. i navigated to the “supervisor password disabled” entry, hit Enter, released the pins and pressed Enter two more times (password and confirmation), then saved and restarted. it worked.
thank you Arpan for putting your time and effort into sharing your knowledge.

ох ты гониш чел, а не проще клаву скинуть и под ней батарейку cмоs скинуть, обнулить настройки, в этих говнобуках он не влазит в дамб биоса, и без проблем сбрасывается с настройками биос. ) удачи ребята! мы легких путей не ищем

I have a Thinkpad T61 with REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX 8.0 installed on it.
And yes with Middleton’ BIOS

Good machine rock solid

I came in and watched this video expecting it to be another bogus “fix it” video but son of a bitch, it worked! I can’t believe it. I have a T510 laptop. Thanks!

Is it possible to remove the supervisor password bu shorting the board like bioboymg does in his vid

hello, i have a R400 and icon with the computer screen on the left i did what this but it still have the power-on password, i know the harddrive password but the POP is still working and not removed?

I’d love a Thinkpad, except I don’t like Chinese malware built into the lowest levels of my PC. So fuck Lenovo, and fuck their CCP overlords.

Where did you get the 8 gb of ram for that thinkpad? i can’t find it anywhere for a reasonable price.

Thanks for the video! For those who have Lenovo Thinkpad X230 here’s the picture where the chip is located:
You should power your laptop, wait one second, short circuit those contacts, then press F1 (it enters to bios without password prompt right away), enter the bios and do settings like in this video.

Please, do you have any idea if this would work for my “lenovo e540 i7”, all i wanted is enabling the Virtualization and still can’t:/ all options in the BIOS are greyed out

At step 5) do you reinstall the CMUS battery while POWER ON or POWER OFF and then reassemble and start

I put Middleton BIOS on my X61 to have SATA2 speed for my SSD. I wonder if I can put in the wifi card that I wrapped out from my X220 and put it in the X61 to get better wifi performance. I replaced the wifi card on my X220 with an 802.11ac card by following one of your videos and now I have a spare wifi card.

If there’s a supervisor password, couldn’t you just short the chip? It just gets annoying that something “complicated” the answer is the “manufacturer”. Or read the chip via serial, another PC, a soldering iron, and an Atmel chip.Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Install Debian to it, or any other distro you may like. Or maybe even dualboot.. Installed Debian Buster to my T43 frankenpad and it’s actually usable

Im having a problem with the black screen log on password of my Lenovo B590 notepad.I can’t unlock the factory password. Please help me with some hints

мне пароль главное убрать, а то у меня настройки все серым светятся, даже приоритет не ставится, все перепробовал, кроме прошивки через программатор, сними видео про леново б590 буду признателен, и какие контакты ты замыкал? я там метки не видел, чтоб мне материнку не спалить

I have a w520 and plan to do it soonest. It looks like the EEPROM is at the bottom? So I don’t need to really take apart the whole laptop, just like what you did? Thanks in advance, Arpan

Hi Mike, I have tried replacing cmos battery and SSD but still no luck.. asking for bios password..
Model Lenovo t440

It does not reset the password. Just knackers the date then stops your perfectly good working machine. X200. Now I have to do the reset chip thing.

guys i have problem when entering bios or just leave it load it turns off after like 5 seconds. I have to unplug power and connect it again to make it work.

I think you should be more clear as to ‘what’ this will reset;
It will reset the ‘PowerOn Password’ but will not reset a ‘Supervisor Password’.
I Tested on a Thinkpad X220 Tablet\Laptop which had both the PowerOn Supervisor Password configured on it… and reseting the CMOS battery only removed the PowerOn password.

Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know I could get to 8Gb of ram, now my t61 wide is much faster, I’ll probably update the t7500 with a faster one but I think I’ll stay away from Extreme Edition for power and temperature issues. The network adapter with the right drivers does not cause problems, the same for adi soundmax

Ffs obviously stick a Linux os in and no upgrades would have been needed and machine would have been a rocket.. What is it with die hard window fanboys..

I am not sure how the Asus motherboards store passwords, however it is worth a shot. This will not erase a Windows password, if that is what you are asking.

Helo. Ihave a computer Lenovo B40-30 Model: F0AW shipset: intel H81.I need to remov bios password. can you help me or How to delet a password for this model.

friend gifted me lenovo t540p and put power password on it and unfortunatly i forgot that shit after few fuck me and now im having trouble please tell me where is this smal batery thing located on lenovo t540p please please please any one help me:(

There is no way to disable the Master Password on a Thinkpad. When you unplug the CMOS battery the Laptop will be dead without Master Password. Dont do this when you dont have the Password. The only solution is change the motherboard.

So the ideal laptop in 2020 is no longer an old thinkpad, but it’s two, smooshed together! Nice work.

Yo, my thinkpad has settings that prevents it from booting up at all when the cmos battery is removed.

Thi method doesn´t work with many lenovo models. They save the password in a second chip (eeprom). The T61 use a p24s08.

I love this Sebi. I’ve been intrigued by the FrankenPad for a while. A couple of years ago I bought a job lot of four T60’s on eBay for £40. They had no drives, no power, and no batteries, but I hoped that one of them might be the 15″ model with a 1600×1200 display. I got a 50% hit rate (!) but both screens are fairly badly yellowed.

Then I came across the correct model of T61 to act as a donor. The seller had upgraded everything (he’d already done the Middleton BIOS), 8GB of RAM and had gone as far as putting a Samsung EVO 850 SSD in it. He’d got the 8300 CPU for it too. But when I tried using the T61, I was a bit underwhelmed by the performance.

Replacement IPS displays for this T60 aren’t cheap, and I wasn’t sure if it would really be worth it. I’ve already got a collection of X, T and W ThinkPads from the 30 series (which are all more than 3 times faster than the T61). So I never took the plunge.

The X9000 CPU is interesting though. I’m tempted again, but I just might have to accept if I do it that it’s a hobby, not a sensible general purpose computing decision!

Also, hat tip to your Dell Optiplex. I got a small form factor 9010 a month or two ago and love it. I assumed it’d be faster than my previous “desktop” (a docked W530, hooked up to two monitors), but when I recently ran Geekbench on all of them I got a bit of a shock!

Results are here:

My W530 cost me £250 a couple of years ago and it was in extremely good condition. It runs a lot quieter than my T430 too. It’s an absolute trooper.:-)

What’s even more amazing to me is that the UltraBase 3 dock (dual DVI out, dual DisplayPort, USB3) only cost me £10. And it had clearly never been used. But I’m getting off topic…

Sir if we do like this method…. Our files and documents in this laptop will b deleted ah??plsss reply I need a solution for this��

By the way, if anyone knows, what is the name of the chip for the supervisor password in the Thinkpad 1860-DE2 and where is it located? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite 4100XCDT and an IBM Thinkpad T23. Any ideas how I go about to clear the supervisor passwords?

And here I am.. typing a comment on my BIOS modded ThinkPad T30 with 2GB RAM and 3rd party Wi-Fi N card installed.

Cool! attention, la recherche de l’EPROM reste assez facile, mais les soudures sur les broches 5 et 6 restent très méticuleuses à effectuer. Une fois les soudures effectuées sur les pattes, il faut être très attentif au démarrage du THINKPAD car tout se joue à quelques fractions de secondes près.

Mais en tous cas il faut être persévérant et appuyer régulièrement ou maintenir appuyer l’interrupteur fermé. A un moment ou à un autre le BIOS se déverrouille. J’ai essyé cette solution sur un THINKPAD T500 et cela à fonctionné. Merci beaucoup.

This no work this password is programmed in the bios!!removing the cmos battery won’t help!!Thinkpad W701!!If someone knows where we could acquire these passwords it will be perfect!!

I have T61p with modded Middleton (undervolted GPU) and 1920×1200 panel. Only 4Gb memory however. It’s like new, looking unused. Repasted it and swapped 250Gb Samsung SSD. It has Win10 and WinXP dual-boot.

If you are looking for a nice deal on this machine:

Hello, I have hp elitebook 840 g4 need to remove the bios password. Could anyone help what to do and how we can remove it?

We support many bios unlock codes, Follow the link below and provide the photo of the error screen you have, we will provide you the right code for your device:

Dell, Sony, HP, Fujitsu, Acer, Toshiba, All supported

Ok, when you power on the laptop, have you reconnected the batteries? Try thisremove the battery pack and the cmos battery. With both batteries removed, unplug the laptop and hold the power button for a few seconds. Still without the batteries, plug the laptop back in and turn it on. At POST, please let me know if there is still a password.

Next: Does your laptop have a supervisor password? If so, you can easily access the BIOS and reset the POP after entering your supervisor password.

Hy, I did buy this model of occasion, not new, of a person that I don’t know and I saw now that it was of one company and it’s locked of this company.. I haven’t the code admin and I don’t know a seller this notebook.. I can unlock it?? And who? Please

By disconnecting CMOS will not clear the Bios password
Only one way to clear, we need to perform chiplevel work
We need to remove the bios chip from motherboard and need to reload the bios to chip by debugger device through bios software from Lenovo website
I have 5 year’s experience in Lenovo products

Большое спасибо за видео! Способ действует, удалось удалить пароль супервизора и войти в биос после нескольких попыток по замыканию контактов. Модель ноутбука Lenovo ThinkPad X61s.


Hello frd
I am using lenovo b490…it working well before update the bios…after update its not working…If i turn on lights on the power button..but no display…Can u tell me why…

He: find out that T61 can use 8gb ram without bios mod
Me: kept get bsod by attempt using 8gb ram on T500 and L412 which is supposed to work with 8gb ram

Bios lock is identical to this, but upon dismantling my Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd Gen it’s totally different inside to this.
I disconnected the batteries what looked to be only similar connection (which) I hoped was the bios battery. the main flat pack battery inside.
Waited 20/25 mins.
No “DIFFERENCE” still has bios lock.

It dosent ask me for a power on password but i was advised to reset the CMOS to make my T420 get rid of a problem that makes it stick on the BIOS splash screen for 3 mins longer than usual but windows and linux boots up like usual

Hi yes, the information is in the video. Also, you can see it in the description section below the video.

Hi I have a lenovo helix 2 seems hard drive is locked soon as I press power key if anyone could help mutch appreciated

I have followed the video instructions. Still I get the power on PW. Does it mean I have a supervisor PW set as well?

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Hey Arpan, thnx for sharing this video but I tried so many times on my t430s it is absolutely not working. Idunno why? I did exactly as the video and right after restarting I flash the EEPROM, the screen turns dark completely with nothing but Laptop is still on. Can u plz help me.

Removing CMOS battery is a good way of removing bios password sometimes it works sometimes work after long time but it does work

Thanks man! I got a defective E540 which has BIOS password, now it works like a charm (had to find where the BIOS chip is on other site):)

ouah never i ll do that i dont want my computer broken:( only an expert can do it. only buy a new motherboard… no way…

its a lot of effort for a core2duo laptop! nice video. but you can get laptop with i5 for about 200$ USD (pre-corona virus)

Это энергонезависимая микросхема eeprom 24RF08 (на модели X201, на других аналогичная), в ней находятся настройки БИОС, в том числе и пароли.

На другие модели расположение микросхемы можно найти на этом сайте:

Замыкать нужно 5 и 6 контакт микросхемы (это контакты передачи данных SCL и SCA).

Сам пока не попробовал, надеюсь удастся сбросить пароль супервайзера, без замены самой микросхемы с донора..

Чип с паролями нашел на Т530. Кому надо могу выслать. Но новая проблема, есть пароль на вход в систему и пароль на жесткий диск. В биосе все пароли отключил, вообще любые секюрити отключил… при старте контачить микросхему для обходов этих паролей не получается. Судя по всему эти пароли хранятся уже непосредственно на жестком диске. Возможно поможет форматирование… но для этого нужно искать где взять карман под этот жесткий. Кто в курсе как обойти? Хелп. Спасибо

Press F12 key to load flash drive grasshopper. Can you go over how to repair Nvidia card or replace motherboard with discrete only and the cost?

Thank you Sir! This method bring back to life my ThinkPad T61 laptop. Do all instructions carefully, especially shorting the pins on the eeprom chip. Have a nice day, repair your ThinkPad!

Hello, I have IBM(thinkpad T41), power-on password could not be remembered… how do I remove it pls?

Yea i have the x9000 as well i oced it to 3.2 and it seems to be a healthy overclock. Is that not possible with the t60? Is the vrm the problem? On my precision m4300 i can hop it to 3.4 but i get some shutdown/restart bugs. Not sure what the thermal headroom is on the t60 but a +400 mhz boost does show a good boost in daily tasks

Make video for lenovo thinkpad L440 supervisor password reset with complete Dissembling and assembling instruction.

So IDK what Gen or model your working on here but it’s not an X1 Carbon 3rd Gen
As it’s identical to look at externally but insides are total different

As an X61 T8100 user with Middleton BIOS I’ll tell you the secret of unlocking great performance on your T61: Uninstall Windows 10 and install a Linux distribution. Even bloated ones like Ubuntu will be miles ahead in terms of speed.
For better Youtube performance you can play videos through mpv.

This worked for me! For the T520 the chip is on top of the motherboard, so no need to remove the bottom of the case. It’s basically under the touchpad, on the right side (as seen from the top.)

I would be all about picking up a T61 to do this on just to play… Though the RAM upgrade is really prohibitively expensive. I had an old Dell XPS M1330 (wonderful machine) that I sold. Before I sold it I pulled the 8GB of RAM out and sold the RAM on Ebay for what I bought it for new…

Gonna point out you can push more speed with that cpu with throttlestop due to unlocked multiplier.
You can easily hit 3.2 GHZ for daily use people have gone up to 4ghz but thats warrm

hi, i just tried flashing my x601 (x61 motherboard in x60 body) with middleton’s bios and now i believe it is bricked, power button does nothing and no leds will come on at all, can anyone suggest what i should do aside from buying another mainboard (this is my second already due to a bad libreboot experience)

Hello Sir,
I have Lenovo ThinkPad P70 Mobile workstation and i want to reset or remove Supervisor Password, because I do n’t remember it, So please can u help me in that.

This procedure works for Lenovo T510 but precise procedure has to be followed:

1. after power on screen shows up, ***short the pins immediately and press F1 on keyboard
2. press F1 until you enter unlocked bios, if the bios is not unlocked repeat step 1
3. go to security/password/supervisor password/ leave the field “Enter new password” blank and press “enter” once still shorted pins**
4. while the cursor is on “Confirm new password” filed release shorted pins and press enter again/continue enter again
5. press “F10” save and continue

Принесли ThinkPad T400. При картинке ключика замыкал припаянные к контактам провода (так удобно оперировать кнопкой включения) и возле ключика получил OK и вошел в биос.
Изменить пароль супервайзера не дал, но дату я настроил и получил загрузку системы.

I found a T440P in the ewaste bin and fished it out. I gave it a 1080p display ($70 CAD on ebay), some DDR3 I had kicking around and a SSD. Great little machine. But I want to coreboot it just for funsies. I don’t want to lose any functionality, though and that seems to be something you can suffer with coreboot on a less supported system.

Should I do it? It’s not my daily driver really. I just use it when I want to do some coding on the couch.

Can you show how remove the Supervisor Password with the Bus Pirate? Maybe with a new video Pleeeease! I’m from Chile.

Excellent explanation and very detailed, I followed it your instruction step by step and it worked on T420, Thanks

Reminds me of the good old days of having the T61 with QX9300 and external GPU HD 7750 in 2503 ultrabase…..

im planning on doing the middleton bios mod for my moms laptop its a celeron 500 (or something like that) with a ssd and 4gb of ram but its still terribly slow. As soon as shops open back up i plan on throwing a cheap dual core in there and hopefully this will be enough for her to do whatever she likes if not then im replacing it and not sure what to do with this thing

hollo world!!
i’have a laptop Lenovo Thinkpad T460 with a bios password and I can not find the location of EEPROM chip on it
I need your help.
thank yous so before all

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You mentioned upgrading the cooling assembly. Is there an online resource where I can read up on the cooling assemblies and their compatibility for various Thinkpads? I’ve got a T420 that I’d like to pamper a little.

No, this is BIOS level so it won’t affect your harddrive. If you do not reset your clock after removing the CMOS battery however, Windows may tell you that your activation is invalid, or disable your from getting updates. So just be sure to reset the date after doing this.

вечер добрый, подскажи пожалуйста, на Lenovo X260 получится так же сбросить пароль? с виду ноут такой же

от души! все получилось. Правда для удобства могу посоветовать отключить юатарейку CMOS (чтобы ноут стартовал при подключении питания) и юзать внешнюю клавиатуру, не надо все держать на весу.