Semiprecious stones obtained after defeating the monk Barras Lehr and white mage Holly Whyte. Possessing a particular stone will confer that stone’s job on the bearer.

Asterisks ( アスタリスク , Asutarisuku ? ) appear in Bravely Default, Bravely Second: End Layer and Bravely Default II as small gems with a star inside that confer the job contained within them to their bearer. In Bravely Default, there are twenty-three obtainable Asterisks, while in Bravely Second twenty-nine Asterisks are available with many returning from the first game. In Bravely Default II, there are again twenty-three available to use, though twenty-four in the story.

The party must defeat an Asterisk holder in order to obtain the Asterisk containing their respective jobs. There is one exception in Bravely Default II, as Elvis already has the Black Mage asterisk. Only the Freelancer job has no Asterisk.


Story [ ]

Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer [ ]

Asterisks are jewel-like objects that were created by the Sage Yulyana in his plot to usurp the Crystal Orthodoxy’s authority in "granting vocations".

Initially, changing one’s job or ‘vocation’ required a special approval from within the Crystal Orthodoxy. But Yulyana sought to prevent the institution from growing rich from fat profits known as ‘alms’, proposing the panicked high officials and the grand patriarch with system based on the Asterisks on the notion that "granting vocations should be based on it, as overseen by the Orthodoxy." To that end, those wanting to apply for a ‘vocation’ would apply to the Orthodoxy and pay a fair price. Those who could pay may apply to change their jobs. The grand patriarch and his officials only sought profit through it, thus they agreed to Yulyana’s proposal and he is appointed by the grand patriarch as the ‘overseer’ of the new Asterisk system.

As only Yulyana knew the method of creating Asterisks and essentially robbed the Crystal Orthodoxy of their authority to grant vocations, he left the Orthodoxy sequestered himself within the Yulyana Woods. Yulyana would later bestow eighteen Asterisks to Braev Lee and his company for their campaign to liberate Eternia from the Orthodoxy and establish the Duchy of Eternia.

Prior to the events of ‘’Bravely Second’’, Denys Geneolgia uncovered twelve Asterisks from the crater where the Ba’al Diamante was buried under after Yulyana died fighting it and distributes the secret hoard of Asterisks among his most loyal followers.

Additionally, the Asterisk holders from the first game who returned had their Asterisks restored to them, though with some different abilities than before.

Bravely Default II [ ]

Asterisks are jewel-like objects that were created by the fairies to contain the knowledge of those professions they represent. One Asterisk known as the Librarian Asterisk came into the possession of the Elvis as he was unaware of the book’s nature as he sought to translate it. The other Asterisks were stolen from Mag Mell and distributed across Excillant by Edna to corrupt the minds and hearts of their users and compel them to cause turmoil to release the Night’s Nexus. However, later joined by his fellow Heroes of Light, Elvis has sought to collect the Asterisks as they allow him to translate his mentor Lady Emma’s book. But as a useful side effect, it enables him and others to have a vision from the previous user’s memories. Once the group translate the book and learn its true identity as the Librarian Asterisk, they take it to the Island of Nothingness to be destroyed.